Van Jones: "An Anti-Free Trade Message Is Breaking Through In The Rust Belt," Not Good For Clinton


CNN contributor Van Jones comments on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both winning their primary races in Michigan with an anti-NAFTA, anti-TPP message.

VAN JONES: This victory for Trump combined with what looks like is going to be a victory for Sanders spells some trouble for Democrats in the general. Because what you're seeing is an anti-free trade message breaking through in the Rust Belt. That's not good for Hillary Clinton. hillary clinton has been more of a free market, anti-fair trade voice in our party. this is not a good sign.

Jones also comments on Trump's passionate defense of his business record.

JONES: I have to comment, though, on that freak show infomercial. That is inappropriate. It is inappropriate to run an election, to run a campaign, to have people going to vote in these large numbers, voting for their jobs, voting for their families and to be talking about Trump Steak and -- that is the kind of stuff that I think ultimately will wear out his welcome badly. We do have some traditions in this country that are worth upholding and one of them would be not turning your campaign victory speech into an infomercial.

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