Trump: Controversy Over Nazi-Style "Trump Pledge" Salute Is "Crazy"


SCARBOROUGH: In the media there have been some people that have -- taken still pictures to make it look like that -- it's Hitler salutes and in fact, we had one person on earlier today saying, "Well, if you look at the still pictures it looks very troubling."

Talk about what you're doing when you're having people raising their hands, and are you in any -- in any way, making an attempt to emulate what Hitler or anybody else did with his salutes?

TRUMP: Boy, is that a stretch. Wow, that's amazing that would even be brought up. Of course not. Of course not. That's ridiculous. This is the first I've heard of it this morning. I was on the Today Show and they mentioned it and I said, what is going on here? I think it's ridiculous.


TRUMP: It's absolutely -- you know, I have these massive rallies. We have 25,000 people at some of them -- and more. And we're having actually a great time, considering the subject matter is not so good, meaning the country is not doing well.

And I say, and jokingly, raise your hand if you want to -- if you swear to endorse me and swear to go vote for me.


TRUMP: And the entire place practically, laughing and having a good time, raises their hands. They're just -- they're raising their hand in the form of a vote, not in the form of a salute. That is crazy. That is crazy.

SCARBOROUGH: Right. Yeah. Yeah.

TRUMP: I can't believe that's even being posed.

SCARBOROUGH: Well -- all of us around the table, I think, actually agreed it was equally crazy but needed to ask it.

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