Laura Ingraham: Trump And Sanders Won Michigan Primaries Because Of NAFTA And TPP


LAURA INGRAHAM: I think when you look at the Michigan race, that dynamic with Hillary Clinton and the Trump win, probably pegs this back to more than personality, but back to the issue of trade.

Remember when Mitt Romney lost Michigan, his home state, by more than 10%. And a lot of people pegged that to his opposition to the auto bailout, and then we look at the WTO and NAFTA. There were about 281,000 aggregate jobs lost in manufacturing pegged to those two trade deals through 2013. Michigan is really hurting economically, and I think those two issues. Sanders and Trump kind of meet in this non-ideological place in the political specturm.

That more than the advertising and the negative ads, and the long speech tonight... I think the issues actually really mattered tonight, and that is what we are seeing...

I think [Sanders] has hit the issue of trade alot. And the Trans-Pacific Partnership, ths massive 5,500 page deal, that really needs to get discussed more. That looms over this whole debate...

It is just a sense of fairness. Most Americans think we do get benefits from trade, but but it can't be the way it has been going, becuase obviously for the regular working person it has been a tough road with wages and job loss, but Michigan was terrbily hard hit.

It is going to be very interesting how this plays in Ohio with John Kasich, because he has walked a line on trade, the establishment side on that, but obviously the favorite son in Ohio. And he thinks he can take that state and really stop that Trump momentum.

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