Krauthammer on Trump Speech: "I Don't Think I've Heard Such A Stream Of Disconnected Ideas Since I Quit Psychiatry"


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer on Trump giving him a shoutout in his victory press conference:

"Having lost all that money at the casino betting against Trump, it's the least he could have done for me. It reminds me of the time that Bill Clinton said something nice about me. You turned to me on Special Report for my reaction and it was simple: I'm toast. I'm done. My career is over."

Krauthammer evaluates Trump's victory speech and press conference the performance of other presidential candidates on this primary night:

[Joe] Trippi said earlier he found a little bit of structure in the Trump oration. Well, I bet to disagree. I don't think I've heard such a stream of disconnected ideas since I quit psychiatry 30 years ago. That was quite a performance. And it was very weird. I heard [Ed] Rollins and Trippi giving advice. You've got to tighten it up, you've got to shorten it up. You have to have a point.

The fact is, and this is the stunning thing about this election, without the tightening up, without the experts, without the prompter, he is where he is. There is simply something -- that was a performance. That was live television. That was reality television. And that nobody can do. And that has its appeal.

Now, I think people actually separate the performance part, what he did tonight, from what he says he's going to do as president. And he's pulled it off. Now, in the end I think that's going to be really dangerous. Because he often can go off the reservation, comparing himself to what was Abe Lincoln, number two, it helped how presidential he is. That's a little bit weird.

But he's been able to carry it off. I think people have a sense of humor about him, which is good, because otherwise they'd be terrified. And that's what has been carrying him through. In the end it will be a one on one and get a little more serious.

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