Ed Rollins: Republican Party Running "Most Negative, Vicious" Campaign Against Our Own Frontrunner


Ed Rollins told Lou Dobbs Republicans are running the "most negative, vicious" campaign against its own frontrunner Tuesday night on the FOX Business Channel.

"Have you ever seen a campaign, Ed, where the entire establishment goes after the front-runner and the second place, in most cases, the second place candidate hell-bent on destroying them?" the FOX Business Channel host asked.

"No, I haven't, to be honest," Rollins, a veteran Republican political operative, said. "I've been around a long time. The establishment wasn't for Reagan but couldn't stop him in 1980, but it was totally different. It wasn't anywhere near the negativity. This is the most negative, vicious campaign I have ever seen, and it's our own side doing it to our front-runner, that's the amazing thing."

Trump won the Mississippi and Michigan primaries Tuesday night.

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