Chuck Todd: Tonight Proves Ted Cruz Is Just "A Better Funded Verison" Of Mike Huckabee Or Rick Santorum


CHUCK TODD: You can tell a Ted Cruz state in a few ways. Number one, it touches the state of Texas... It's a closed primary -- Only open to registered Republicans.

Donald Trump does better when you have independents and Democrats coming in, and then the third part of it is if the little more rural, a little more rural, a little more religious it is, and, you know, Idaho fits that pattern a little bit, even Iowa fits that pattern, but it's also, you know, while it's same-day voter registration, only open to Republicans only. That's the pattern for Cruz which is really the traditional Santorum/Huckabee pattern. The problem for Cruz he's not demonstrated an ability -- all he is, is a better-funned version of Santorum and Huckabee.

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