Trump Focuses On Free Trade Agreements: "We're Losing Our Shirts"


Donald Trump continued his focus on free trade and international trade deals at a rally Monday in North Carolina.


DONALD TRUMP: All this free trade, you know what, it is free trade for them, not for us. We're losing our shirts.

Look I believe free trade is fine, but the leaders of these other countries, whether it is China -- $500 billion a year trade deficit with China. What the hell good is that for us? Where does that help us? So you have China, Japan where cars come in by the hundreds of thousands, they pour off the boats... They come off these boats going 40 or 50 miles-an-hour. Like the Long Island... expressway.

They come pouring off the boats one after another after another. We send them like, nothing. We send them nothing. And by comparison, nothing. We have to make smart deals. We can no longer, we're losing, look at our deficits, look at our budget, look what is going on with this country, we're losing our jobs.

The politicians don't tell you that. I actually think a lot of them don't know. Most of them that do know they're controlled by special interests that own companies in other countries.

They're even controlled by other countries. Countries have lobbyists also. They have lobbyists. They have their donors. It is absolutely crazy what is going on with our country. When you stand up to say we'll charge you a tax...

We have the best business people in the world in the United States. We don't use them for trade deals. We don't use them for trade deals. We use political hacks. We use them people who just contributed to get the job. All of the people give the worst deals. We don't have good anything? What is last time we won anything in this country? We don't win anymore. Do we win? In this country, seriously think about it, when was last time which had a victory. We lose with ISIS. We lose with war. We lose with trade.

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