Sanders Will Not Rely On Executive Action To Pass Legislation, Will Pressure Congress


At a town hall event broadcast on the Fox News Channel, Sen. Bernie Sanders says that he will not rely on executive action to pass his legislative agenda, instead he will mobilize people to demand legislative action.

"I have worked with Republicans where there has been common ground for many years," Sanders said. "I'm the only candidate who will tell you this. At the end of the day, you've got a Congress today with too many members concerned about securing large campaign contributions from very, very wealthy people... What goes on in Washington now, is Congress is not listening... to the needs to ordinary people."

BRET BAIER: How do you convince the Republican Congress to do exactly the opposite of what they believe?

BERNIE SANDERS: In two ways. First, if I become president it will mean there will be a massive voter turnout... If that happens, the Republicans will not continue to control the United States Senate. If the American people begin to stand up and fight for their rights... If millions of people are engaged, and say, you know what, they will say you are going to raise the minimum wage.

If women become mobilized and say we are tired of working for 79 cents on the dollar compared to men, it will change things.

Change in this country... Whatever it is... always comes from the bottom on up, and that is what this campaign is about.

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