Ditka: I'm Voting For Trump Because He's a Leader Like Reagan, Obama "Worst President Ever"


Super Bowl winning NFL tight end and coach Mike Ditka reacted to Romney, establishment attack to take down Trump on WABC-AM's The Bernie and Sid Show at the end of the week. Ditka said the country needs someone like Donald Trump to follow Barack Obama and that is why he is voting for Donald Trump.

"Obama is the worst president we've ever had," Ditka said to hosts Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg.

"Barack Obama's a fine man. I mean, he's pleasant. He would be great to play golf with. He's not a leader," Ditka said on The Bernie and Sid Show following Romney's anti-Trump speech

"This country needs leadership," Ditka told hosts Sid Rosenberg and Bernard McGuirk. "It needs direction. It needs somebody that steps up front. We need somebody like Ronald Reagan."

"You know it’s not always going to be a perfect situation, but to do what he does, there is no leadership there. I think that becomes very disgusting to me," a displeased Ditka said.

"If I were to vote tomorrow, I'd probably vote for Trump," Ditka said.

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