CNN's Jaime Gangel: "We Double Checked With Our Source," Rubio Campaign Is Hiding Internal Dissent


A battle is being waged within Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's campaign about whether he should even remain in the GOP presidential race ahead of his home state primary, sources say. Jamie Gangel responds to the Rubio campaign, which called her story "100% fiction."

JAIME GANGEL: Now, for the record, Alex Conant, the communications director for the Rubio campagin came on our air last hour and said he was very upset about this report. He said it is not, true, that there is no dissent inside the campaign. And once again repeated that Rubio was staying in.

BUT, we double checked with our source who confirmed that our story was 100% correct.

So the Rubio campaign may not be happy that this story is out there when they are fighting for their life, they don't want people to know there is dissent in the campaign, but the reality is we were told there has been a serious debate about whether he should drop out before the Florida primary.

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