Carson: The Establishment & Romney Need to Accept the Choice of the Voters


BEN CARSON: It seems like when you're in the race, they do everything they can to ignore you, so maybe being out of the race [I] might get a little more attention, we'll see.

QUESTION: As you know, Mitt Romney delivered a whithering speech about Donald Trump today, calling him a phony and a fraud. What is your reaction to Romney's speech, Dr. Carson?

BEN CARSON: I would prefer that in the Republican party, we not engage in trying to destroy each other, because all that does is hand the election over to the Democrats. I don't know why there is this penchant for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory, they'll find some way to destroy themselves. And it is just maddening to see it happening.

QUESTION: Who is snatching defeat? Are you referring to Mitt Romney?

BEN CARSON: I'm referring to anybody who is trying to interfere with the process of interefring with what the will of the people are. It is the people who should make the decision. And whoever that decision is, the establishment needs to get behind them and push them, not be going in a different direction, there is no way that can be a successful startegy no matter what you believe or who is the candidate.

QUESTION: So you yourself would support Donald Trump if he became the Republican presidential nominee?

BEN CARSON: I would support whoever the people have chosen. We have to abandon the thinking that there is a bunch of politically elite people who know what is best, let the people determine for themselves who is best.

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