Glenn Beck Likens Trump's Nationalism To Hitler, Holds Up Ballot For Adolf Hitler


Glenn Beck explains why Donald Trump and his campaign is similar to Adolf Hilter on Sunday's broadcast of ABC's This Week with host George Stephanopoulos.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS: Now, you're part of this "never Trump" camp. But if you listen to those callers, it sounds like the GOP splits no matter what, that there's no bridging this divide.

BECK: The GOP has one last chance to listen to the people. And the people that -- and I understand it; they're very, very angry because the GOP did not listen the first time around. They didn't listen to the Ron Paul people who were way of the curve, then the Tea Party people, and they rubbed our nose in it. And they are tired. And they have created Donald Trump.

The people are speaking clearly. And there's two ways to go: anger and nationalism, which has been done before in history.


BECK: And you can go for nationalism, you can go for anger --

STEPHANOPOULOS: Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler?

BECK: If you look at what's happening in -- with Donald Trump and his playing to the lowest common denominator and to the anger in us, you know, Adolf Hitler, we all look at Adolf Hitler in 1940. We should look at Adolf Hitler in 1929. He was a kind of a funny kind of character that said the things that people were thinking. Where Donald Trump takes it I have absolutely no idea, but Donald Trump is a dangerous man with the things that he has been saying.

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