George Will: "We May Have Passed Peak Trump," Cruz Has Best Chance To Win


George Will reacts to Donald Trump's wins last night in Kentucky and Louisiana, and Ted Cruz's wins in Kansas and Maine.

GEORGE WILL, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: I think we may have passed peak Trump, as it will be known. I don't think Mr. Romney was under any illusions that he was going to talk Trump's supporters out of supporting him. I think he knows the axiom that you cannot reason people out of a position they have not been reasoned into.

But we now set -- his speech sets up a very interesting phenomenon. If Mr. Trump is the nominee, he will be opposed by the most recent Republican nominee, no way Romney could support him, which sort of fits because the Republican nominee will have be -- said that the most recent Republican president should have been impeached, which gives you a sense of the chaos.

But our parties are not flimsy things. The Democratic Party is the oldest party in the word. The Republican and Democratic parties have been framing this debate in this country for 160 years. What the Republican Party needs to avoid blowing up is to get a binary choice between Mr. Trump and someone else. I think the evidence that we're approaching that is the fact that Ted Cruz announced late last week that he's going to open ten offices in the state of Florida. He's probably not doing that to win Florida. He's probably doing that to prevent Marco Rubio from winning it. If that happens, indeed, you've got your binary choice and you’ve got the best chance of not settling this in Cleveland where, if in the -- what you outlined with Rush Limbaugh, Trump has the majority of the largest share of delegates, but not a majority, then you would have a blow-up.

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