Trump to Rubio: Drop Out Of the Race


At a press conference held after Saturday Republican primaries and state caucuses, Donald Trump help a press conference where he called on Marco Rubio to step out of the race. Trump won the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Louisiana. Sen. Ted Cruz won Kansas and Maine, both caucus states.

"He is not going to win," Trump said of Rubio's electoral future. "You know what?... he can't win. I'd love to have a head-to-head matchup with him in Florida and in Ohio. But in New York, he's not going to get very many votes. Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, he is just not going to get very many votes. I would like Marco to drop out. Look at how he did tonight. He is in third and fourth. Even when I don't win a state, I come in second. That's a big thing. Marco is coming in fourth. I think it is time for Marco to clean the deck, I do, and I say that respectfully."

"Personally, I'd call on him to drop out of the race. I think it's time now that he drop out of the race. I really think so. I think it's probably time," Trump added.

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