Trump: Romney Begged Me For Endorsement, I Could Have Said 'Mitt, Drop To Your Knees' And He Would Have


Donald Trump responds to the speech Mitt Romney delivered Thursday morning on the state of the 2016 race which he used to lambaste the Republican presidential frontrunner. At a campaign rally in Portland, Maine this afternoon Trump talked about how Mitt Romney begged him for his endorsement in 2012, which eventually did happen.

"He was begging for my endorsement," Trump said Thursday. "I could have said, 'Mitt, drop to your knees,' and he would have dropped to his knees. He was begging. True. He was begging me."

"Mitt is a failed candidate," Trump said. "He failed. He failed horribly. He failed badly. That was a race, I have to say, folks, that should have been won. That was a race that absolutely should have been won. And I don't know what happened to him. He disappeared. He disappeared. And I wasn't happy about it, I'll be honest. Because I'm not a fan of Barack Obama. And that was a race that I backed Mitt Romney. I backed him. You can see how loyal he is."

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