Trump: "I've Brought Millions Of People Into The Republican Party, And They Want To Throw Those People Away"


In an interview Thursday morning with MSNBC's Morning Joe, Donald Trump reacts to comments coming soon from 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney denouncing him, by saying that the Republican Party is not treating him correctly and "throwing away" the new voters he is attracting.

DONALD TRUMP: The number going into the Republican party is an even bigger number than those who went for Obama into the Democrats. So this is a huge story and it's really the big story. They focus on Romney -- who is just trying to stay relevant.

But the biggest story out there by the people who really understand it is that the Republican Party is gaining millions and millions of people. And you saw that with South Carolina and Nevada... The places were packed... Millions of people have joined, but the establishment wants to throw that right out the window, becuase if I get out, all those people are coming with me...

I signed a letter with the RNC and I said I want to do this as a Republican, the pledge, as they call it but i'm not being treated the right way. I'm not being treated properly. I brought in millions and millions of people to the Republican party and they're going to throw them away. Whether I ran as an independent or not, those people will go out and vote.

Trump posted this video attacking Mitt Romney on Facebook last night:

Mitt Romney Not Conservative


Posted by Donald J. Trump on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

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