Trump: I Own A Store In Manhattan Worth More Than Mitt Romney


DONALD TRUMP: One of the things that Mitt brought up, which is so serious, he said about trade. "We have to keep trade."

Nobody knows more about trade than me. I made so much more money than hit. I have a store that's worth more money than Mitt -- it's a store. Actually its funny, because I made that statement jokingly when I was in Iowa and "The "Des Moines Register" which is a terrible paper, but they said that's a terrible statement, that's a terrible statement for you to make that statement.

And the people put me on and said: "What are you saying. You said you have a store that is worth more than Mitt?"

I said what's he worth? They said $150 million. Yeah, the store's worth much more than him, yeah, its on Fifth Ave. It's the gucci store... They actually went out and they got three appraisors and said that store is worth from $400 million to a billion-two. Check your local "Des Moines Register." I'm not sure it's still open.

Trump's full response to Mitt Romney:

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