Katrina Pierson vs. Anti-Trump PAC's Tim Miller: Romney Lost To The Guy Who Lost To Obama


Trump national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson and anti-Trump PAC spokesman Tim Miller, a former Jeb Bush staffer, argue over Trump's tax returns. Miller argued the returns will show Trump "paid a very, very low tax rate and he's hiding this from the American people."

"Donald Trump should release his tax returns," Miller said. "He's shown no proof. He's claiming that he's giving money to the veterans. He's shown no proof that he's made those donations. My bet is that he's paid a very, very low tax rate and he's hiding this from the American people."

"There's a big endorsement between getting an endorsement and being president," Tim Miller said about Romney accepting Trump's endorsement in 2012.

Pierson was also hammered for only $800,000 being dispersed from Trump's veterans fundraiser that raised $6 million. Miller called for proof that Trump has ever given to charity.

"Show us proof of the audit, show us proof that he's given to charity, and when it comes to losing nobody is losing more than Donald Trump," Miller said.

Pierson once again disavowed the David Duke endorsement, even disavowing as she is being accused of not disavowing.

"Do we really care what David Duke thinks?" Pierson rhetorically asked. "You are the only guys giving David Duke this platform. Mr. Trump does not care about race. He cares about success and prosperity for this country. The only color that matters to Donald Trump is green. Because there are 92 million people without jobs today. There are so many people trapped in neighborhoods who have children that they think have no future. And we're giving David Duke a platform? This is not journalism. This is a hit on someone that nobody else wants to be president because that game will be over when Donald Trump wins."

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