Cornel West: Hillary Is A "Milquetoast Neo-Liberal," Trump Is A "Dangerous Neo-Fascist," Bernie Is A "Genuine Populist"


Princeton professor Cornel West speaks with Sean Hannity about the 2016 election and his perspectives on the candidates.

CORNEL WEST: You and I know the country is in deep trouble... you're having a meltdown on one side and a breakdown on the other.

I think that Donald Trump himself a dangerous neo-fascist in the making. Do you know what I mean by that?

SEAN HANNITY: Oh stop, he's not a "neo-fascist." You just throw out these words.

WEST: It's true. Do you know what neo-fascism is?

HANNITY: He's a nationalist and he's populist and he has conservative leanings -- that's not a fascist.

WEST: That's what it is. And he has autocratic sensibilities. The muslims, the Mexicans! Looks what he said about the press... I'm concerned about the precious liberty of American muslim citizens... But the sad moment is this: We've got, on the one hand, a milquetoast neo-liberal, in Hillary Clinton.

HANNITY: Milquetoast neo-liberal?

WEST: Milquetoast neo-liberal. Tied to Wall Street, tied to big money.

The only way out is the genuine populism of my brother Bernie Sanders... He's a genuine populist... I'm a genuine democratic socialist. He's a genuine populist. He's not calling for limits on private property, he's not calling for nationalizing--

... Hillary doesn't have enough gas in the tank. The only person who can beat Trump is Sanders.

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