Megyn Kelly: Trump Sounded "Presidential" In Super Tuesday Press Conference


FOX News' Megyn Kelly said Donald Trump's press conference Tuesday night, held in lieu of a victory speech, made the Republican frontrunner look presidential.

"Donald Trump using this night in a news conference that was, Megyn, a different environment. It was a different look and frankly it kind of looked presidential," FOX News Channel anchor Bret Baier commented.

"Very smart," Kelly agreed.

"Probably what he was trying to do," Baier added.

"Not only that, but holding himself out there, striking a reasonable tone," Kelly said. "He wasn't full of the normal bombast, there a few jabs, but sounding presidential which sort of will help some of his detractors see him in a different light perhaps, and focusing most of his on Hillary Clinton."

"I think it was interesting when he said I'm a unifier," Kelly observed. "I know it's hard to believe, but I'm a unifier. Once I get all this finished, I'm going to go after one person. Hillary Rodham Clinton. If she's allowed to run. But that is the one thing that the Republican party as a whole wants to hear."

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