Kristol vs. Scarborough: You're "Power Worshipping" Trump; I Have Been Wrong, But I'm Allowed to Oppose Him


MSNBC: The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol joins Morning Joe to strongly assert his stance on why Donald Trump would be a terrible president and shouldn't win the nomination.

Kristol said, "Opponents have to puncture a little bit the bubble of Trump power-worshipping that has been going on here and the bowing down to Trump, saying, 'the voters have spoken.'"

"Who has been doing that," Scarborough asked.

"Joe Scarborough, for example," Kristol responded.

Kristol accused Scarborough and the Morning Joe team of "power worshipping" Donald t

"I've been wrong," Kristol conceded. "I have absolutely been wrong and I've totally underestimated Trump and I apologize for that," Kristol acknowledged.

Kristol said the cascade of people saying "the voters have spoken" line is not true, "we are entitled to oppose Trump." He argued if John Kasich wasn't in the race Trump would have lost some states.

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