Trump: We Are Going To Be A Unified, Much Bigger Party And We're Going To Win In November


Donald Trump holds a press conference instead of a victory speech following Super Tuesday several wins in the Republican presidential primary race. Trump said the party has become more inclusive, dynamic and diverse since his entrance into the race. The Republican frontrunner said he will unify the party and lead it to victory in November.

Trump at his Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida:

TRUMP: I will say this, we have expanded the Republican party. When you look at what's happened in South Carolina and you see the kind of numbers that we got in terms of extra people coming in. They came from the Democratic party... and they were never going to switch and they all switched. They were Independents. We've expanded the party. Look at the number of votes we had in that area as an example. Four years ago they had 390,000 or so votes. We doubled it. We're almost 800,000. The Democrats went down.

There's much less enthusiasm for the Democrats. I'm a unifier. I know people will find this hard to believe. Once we get this finished, I'm going to go after one person on the assumption she is allowed to run. I don't know if she will be allowed to run. I don't think Marco will be able to beat her. I think Ted will have a very hard time... I just tell you this, we are going to be a much finer party, a much -- we're going to be a unified party. We are going to be a much bigger you can see that happening. We're going to be a much bigger party. Our party is expanding.

All you have to do is take a look at the primary states where I've won. Much larger number. I think we'll be more inclusive and more unified. I think we'll be a much bigger party. I think we're going to win in November.

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