Kudlow: Romney A Political Eunuch, Would Have No Impact Against Trump


On MSNBC this morning, Larry Kudlow said any attempt by Mitt Romney or other senior Republicans in the establishment to stop Trump "would have no impact." Kudlow called Romney a "political eunuch" who has no power in the party.

Kudlow also hit Karl Rove and Christine Todd Whitman, asking them "what do you think you're doing here?" Kudlow said if Trump wins the nomination none of it matters because 99.9% of the party will be behind him. Kudlow told the people running the shadow anti-Trump campaign to put the money to better use -- against Hillary Clinton.

"Mitt Romney is a fine person, politically he is a eunuch, he has no power inside the Republican party, he is trying to get donors to put up $100 million to hit the airwaves against Donald Trump; a, he won't be able to do it, b, he will have no impact whatsoever. They would be better off going after Hillary Clinton if you ask me," Kudlow said Tuesday to MSNBC's Steve Kornacki.

"Karl Rove, same thing. Karl, what do you think you're doing here? Christine Todd Whitman, I love her, Steve Forbes and I helped elect her. What I'm saying is none of it matters. If Trump gets the nomination, he will have the nomination, and he will have 99.9% of the Republican party behind him. It's that simple. End of sentence," the veteran economist said.

Kudlow said Trump represents a "shake up" needed in the Republican party. He said he doesn't agree with everything the Republican frontrunner says, but he doesn't agree with anybody on everything they say.

"The point of Trump: middle income wage earners have not had an increase in wages in 15 years. You can look at the statistics from the government. They're furious, they're beleaguered, they're angry. They're looking for someone to represent them and that turns out to be Donald Trump who has tapped into this anger," Kudlow explained.

"The GOP needs a shake up," Kudlow said. "We have lost a whole bunch of presidential elections that probably should have been won. That's part of Trump's message and he looks like he's strong enough and tough enough to get it through. I don't agree with everything he says, I don't agree with anybody on everything they say."

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