Bill Kristol: Even If Trump Wins Super Tuesday, "There's Still Time" To Stop Him


JAKE TAPPER CNN: As you know there are signals being sent out to Republican senators running for reelection: Feel free to run against Donald Trump, don't even go to the convention... It seems like GOP officialy are very worried.

BILL KRISTOL, WEEKLY STANDARD: They're worried, but their response is pathetic, four states have voted so far.

Mitch McConnell thinks Trump would be disaster for the Republican Party. He could urge them to give money to groups that go against Trump.

He doesn't have to commit to Rubio, Cruz, Kasich. This kind of passivity, it was understandable for awhile, a lot of us thought the bubble would burst. It was clear awhile ago that wasn't going to happen. It is now clear. the idea that people should give up, give idiotic advice, pretend we can survive, Republican senators distance themselves after the convention, that's ridiculous.

People that care need to step up now, plenty of time, even if Trump does well tomorrow. He has a quarter of delegates needed to be nominated. 15 states will have voted, 35 plus more get to vote. People can step up and act instead of sitting around whining.

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