Ben Sasse vs. "Morning Joe" Over Relationship With Trump: Media "Has Had Fun Playing" With Our Kids' Futures


Sen. Ben Sasse, who said yesterday that he would support a third party instead of Donald Trump, says: "We have to acknowledge, the decline of the media is breathtaking."

"Over the course of the last five or six months," Sasse said. "A whole lot of people have had a lot of fun playing with Donald Trump's reality TV show about our kids' future. I don't think you believe that and I don't think you really believe it."

"If Donald Trump becomes the likely Republican nominee in the next 60 days, all of a sudden, the media is going to wake up and take the guy apart in little pieces, because he's not a serious adult."

Joe Scarborough objects: "You weren't referencing us when you said the media was having fun with Donald Trump right?"

"I'm saying, across the media you have a whole bunch of people--," Sasse said.

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