Ben Carson Will Not Exit The Race: "Always The Possibility The People Could Awaken"


CARSON: Well, there's always the possibility that people will awaken and recognize that just what they were asking for is what I have presented for them. You know, someone who is honest. You know, they can't find any scandals. All the lies that have been told have been debunked. You're looking for somebody of accomplishment. You know, you look at my life, you know, I don't think anybody could -- could ask for more accomplishment than that.

They're asking for somebody who understands them. You know, I have had so many different kinds of jobs, it's unimaginable. And somebody who has gone from the bottom one percent to the top one percent understands all the socioeconomic levels of our society. And, you know, somebody who is an outsider, somebody who is a member of we the people and somebody who is honest.

So if you look at all the things that people are asking for, they sit right here, but a lot of times it's sitting under your nose and you don't recognize it. Maybe they will begin to recognize it. But the one thing I do know is that I have millions of social media fans and they're begging me not to get out. They're continuing to support us tremendously economically. So there is really no reason to disregard what they have to say.

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