Barbara Boxer: Elizabeth Warren Signed A Pledge Urging Hillary Clinton To Run


TAMRON HALL, MSNBC: Let me ask you about a headline today regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the headline says, "Warren's ghost hovers over Massachusetts primary."

It says Warren is expected to negotiate hard before giving her support to Clinton. In doing so, she could play a critical role in helping to bring young enthusiastic Santers supporters into her fold. Because it is a small group, being women who are senators, especially Democratic women who are Senators, I'm going to ask you, behind the scenes, what can you reveal about the relationship with Senator Warren and her delayed support, if not inevitable, of Hillary Clinton?

SEN. BARBARA BOXER: Well, this is what I want to tell you. A couple of years ago, I organized a letter, every single Democratic female senator signed it, including Senator Warren. And it was urging Hillary to run. Urging her to run. Hillary is very thrilled that we all signed it. I think Elizabeth has her issues, and this is up to her. But I think people are really gravitating toward Hillary Clinton right now.

And even the younger ones who, look, I understand their appeal that Bernie had a strong appeal because of his, you know, complete I would say support of income inequality, the one issue that really did touch these young people.

So as Hillary said at the time, I'm going to win those voters. So Elizabeth is one of many, and her support is valued, and whether it comes there or not, I think we're moving past the time where people see Hillary as the champion of young people. Of us all. That's why she says let's make America whole. It's not about just one group. It's all of us together.

Regardless of the status of our birth. Regardless of our color or our religion, our age. She's for everyone. And that's what frankly is what America is about. Opportunity for everyone. And respect for everyone.

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