MSNBC Host Caught Off Guard After Black Trump Supporter Says To Ignore Race-Baiting, "Pay David Duke No Mind"


MSNBC's Tamron Hall, who battled Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson earlier in the afternoon and Mother Jones' David Corn are caught offguard when the network plays footage from a recent campaign rally showing an African-American Trump supporter urging voters to "ignore David Duke" because he has "nothing to do with Donald Trump."

The Trump supporter, identified by NBC News as Frank Vick was reacting to the news that former KKK Grand Wizard" David Duke planned to vote for Donald Trump.

"David Duke and people like that, they come out from under the rocks all the time around this time of year. It's got nothing to do with Donald Trump," Vick said.

"We're all Americans. I think we need to stop with all the racist stuff and all the race-baiting … Nobody should be paying David Duke no mind."

Tamron Hall stammers: "Um, clearly, let me just be clear."

"Obviously the majority of Donald Trump's supporters are not African American. I don't know how many African Americans were in that, that building, but that is one, uh, person that, uh, we have chosen to cut that sound from..."

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