Hugh Hewitt: "String Of Bad Days" For Trump Ahead Of Super Tuesday Could "Corrode A Commanding Lead"


HUGH HEWITT: I don't think anything is disqualifying in this year. You start with racism and end with global warming and everyone wins something in between.

I put the KKK and David Duke comment in a string of bad days for Donald Trump.

He had the worst run of the campaign beginning with Thursday night's debate which was bad for him, then he had the Trump mortgage come up today in the Washington Post, Trump University come up, questions about his taxes not being released.

I watched Senator Cruz on ABC suggesting he had mob ties in his taxes, questioning his generosity.

Now I think you see some of the other campaigns trying to tempt him into skipping the March 10th debate, which would be an admission of weakness on the part of Donald Trump.

So right now Trump has got to stay tough and stay in that lane.

I'm reminded, Steve, and you may recall this as well, four days before the 2000 election, maybe five, the Gore campaign dropped George W. Bush's DUI on him, and he was six points up in natural polls at that moment.

Over four days the corosive impact was to significant to win Al Gore the popular vote, though not the electoral college vote.

You may see the same thing happening right now in the stretch of the next three weeks with Donald Trump, with a variety of things: Trump mortgage, Trump university, the taxes, the KKK, Duke, all of that comes together to corrode what is a commanding lead.

Tomorrow night will matter a lot. It's a delegate hunt. I don't think the wins matter so much the delegate total after March 15th.

I still think we're going in open convention in Cleveland, I'd book your hotel room for two weeks.

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