George Stephanopoulos Grills Chris Christie For Ten Minutes Over Donald Trump Endorsement


In his first major national interview since endorsing Donald Trump on Friday, Chris Christie faces a long series of tough questions from ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: You're the only person you agree with 100 percent of the time, whether it's you or me.

So you can -- we can sit here this morning and play the game of everything that -- I ran against the guy, so of course there's things that I disagree with him on. But this is now a choice. And of the candidates remaining on that stage, he is the best person to beat Hillary Clinton, which is job one for Republicans. We do not want Hillary Clinton in the White House. He is the best person to beat her and he is the best person to help keep America safe.


I've just pointed out three of the biggest issues in this campaign, the ones he talks about all the time. You disagree with him on all those issues.

So when you say he's going to do what needs to be done, what exactly are you talking about?

CHRISTIE: Well, listen, I'm talking about a whole bunch of things.

First of all, George, we haven't even touched on the economy. And I think he's got a really solid record and job -- to help create jobs in this country and to make the tax code fairer, to make opportunity better, to lower regulation. He has laid out those plans.

The fact is, he's going to do some things for this economy that need to be done to make America safer, not only from a national security perspective, but for people to invest in America again...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Besides his tax plan...

CHRISTIE: -- and create jobs.

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- what are you referring to?

CHRISTIE: Well, this -- he's -- he's laid out a plan on regularity reform, to lower regulations in this country. He's talked about the idea of making sure that small business folks are empowered in this country once again, to be able to create jobs for people.

There -- there has been a lot of things that have been laid out tin this campaign, um, that -- that merit real consideration and real support.

And -- and we're not going to agree on every issue. But I wouldn't agree if I were here this morning supporting any of the other candidates that remain on the stage. We would have some major disagreements with each other, because we ran against each other.

But let me tell you, they're minor disagreements compared to what is going to happen if we have Hillary Clinton as president of the United States, who is moving so far to the left to beat Bernie Sanders that I don't know which one is the socialist, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

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