Rubio Answers Why He Didn't Attack Trump Earlier: "Yeah, That's A Good Question"


Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on Fox News on Saturday with host Uma Pemmaraju. At the beginning of the interview, Pemmaraju asked Rubio a very simple and straightforward question: "Many folks who witnessed your performance in the debate this week, and the day that followed, are asking where was that Marco Rubio months ago?"

"You have said you didn't want to launch attacks against other candidates," she continued. "But now in the eleventh hour before Super Tuesday you are attacking Donald Trump with a vengeance. If you felt this strongly before, why didn't you do this earlier?"

"Bec-" Rubio began before pausing. "Yeah. That's a good question."

"We had hoped that voters would reach this conclusion on their own. Unfortunately it hasn't gone that way."

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