Marco Rubio Mocks Donald Trump For Twitter Typos, Wetting Pants, Wearing Makeup At Debate


Following his aggressive debate performance last night, Florida Senator Marco Rubio continued his all-out effort to stop Donald Trump in the days before Super Tuesday.

"What we are delaing with here my friends," Rubio told rallygoers in Dallas, TX on Friday morning. "Is a con artist."

"He is a con artist. First of all, he says he's fighting for the little guy," Rubio continued, echoing the series of attacks he made on telvision hours before.

Next, Rubio launches a tirade at Trump the likes of which we have not yet seen in the 2016 campaign:

The Florida senator mocks Trump for making typos on Twitter, reading them out loud to the laughing crowd. He says that during last night's debate, Donald Trump "applied makeup around his mustache" during the commerical breaks and "paced back and forth... waving his arms."

"He's never faced any struggle," Rubio said about Trump. "The other day he faced a protester and said he wanted to punch him in the face."

MARCO RUBIO: Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face.

Donald Trump is the first guy that begged for Secret Service protection...

I said it last night, if he had not inherited $200 million, right now he would be selling watches in Times Square or doing a Saturday morning infomercial where he teaches you how to flip properties.

So we unmasked him last night.

It's time for you to unmask him as well.

You all have friends, you all have friends thinking about voting for Donald Trump.

Friends do not let friends vote for con artists.

All right, so you want to have a little fun? All right, what does Donald Trump do when things go wrong? He takes to Twitter. I have him right here. Let's read some. You'll have fun.

[About 40 minutes before the publication of this story, Donald Trump deleted his tweets containing typos and replaced them with correctly spelled copies.]

All right, number one, here's the first one. "Lightweight Marco Rubio was working hard last night." This is true. "The problem is, he is a choker C-H-O-C-K-E-R. And once a chocker, always a chocker," I guess that's what he meant to say, he spelled it chocker.

He called me "Mr. Meltdown."

Let me tell you something, last night during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown.

First, he had this little makeup thing applying, like makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches.

The he asked for a full-length mirror. I don't know why, the podium only went up to here.

Maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet, I don't know.

Then I see him pacing back and forth, and then he is huddled in the corner talking to somebody, waiving his arm up and down and the person trying to calm him down.

Any way, but I'm a chocker. All right, next tweet.

"Leetweight chocker Marco Rubio looks like a little boy on stage. Not presidential material."

He meant to say lightweight, but he spelled it L-E-I-G-H-T, so he got it wrong.

"Looks like a little boy on stage."

It's it's not that I look like a little boy, I wouldn't even be the youngest president, but he would be the oldest president, and its an eight year term, so you start to worry, because he would be older.

All right, last one, "Wow, every poll said I won the debate last night."

Now, this is him about himself, okay. "Great honer." I think he meant to say honor.

I don't know how he got that wrong, because the E and O are nowhere near each other on the keyboard.

That's what I'm thinking, so how does this guy, not one tweet, but three tweets misspell words so badly?

I only reach two conclusions. Number one, that's how they spell those words at the Wharton School of Business where he went.

Or number two, just like Trump Tower, he must have hired a foreign worker to do his own tweets.

All right, so guys, we have a con artist as the front-runner in the Republican party. A guy, a guy who has made a career out of telling people lies so they come in and buy his product or whatever he does.

You ever heard of Trump Vodka? You have? Well, it isn't around any more.

Or Trump mattress, or Trump airlines, or Trump ice or Trump water, those are all businesses that are gone, because they were disasters. Trump hot air, yeah. So we cannot allow the conservative movement to be taken over by a con artist, because the stakes are too high.

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