Bret Baier: I Hope "The Velociraptor" Screaming During Marco Rubio's Answers Doesn't Show Up At Next Week's Debate


"Special Report" host Bret Baier commented on the same conspicuously excited Marco Rubio supporter at Thursday night's Republican presidential primary debate that MSNBC host Chris Matthews said appeared "unnatural," "phony" and "choreographed."

BRET BAIER: Trump has these great rejoinders, these shoot-backs, right then when the audience is clapping that obviously gives him soundbites. I do think the audience was split.

And whoever was the velocaraptor crying out during Rubio answers--

MEGYN KELLY: Right! Who was the screamer? She was loud and... into the debate.

BRET BAIER: IT was really strange. She was into it.

MEGYN KELLY: I don't know if we should be rooting for her to be in Detroit [next Thursday at the debate Baier and Kelly will be hosting on Fox News Channel].

BRET BAIER: I don't think so.

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