Rubio to Trump: Are You Going Start A Trade War Against Your Own Chinese-Made Ties?


Marco Rubio attacks Donald Trump over a littany of issues from his past.

"I've won most of the lawsuit [about Trump University]," Trump responded.

RUBIO: Yeah, a couple points. If he builds the wall the way he built Trump Towers, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. The second--

TRUMP: Such a cute sound bite.

RUBIO: But it -- no, it's not a sound bite. It's a fact. Again, go online and Google it. Donald Trump, Polish workers. You'll see it.

The second thing, about the trade war -- I don't understand, because your ties and the clothes you make is made in Mexico and in China. So you're gonna be starting a trade war against your own ties and your own suits.

TRUMP: All right, you know what?

RUBIO: Why don't you make them in America?

TRUMP: Because they devalue their currency -- they devalue their currencies...

RUBIO: Well, then make them in America.

TRUMP: ... that makes it -- well, you don't know a thing about business. You lose on everything...

RUBIO: Well, make them in America.

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