Rick Perry: A Brokered Convention Means "A Whole New Ballgame" For Everyone, "Everyone"


CNN's Erin Burnett asks former Texas governor Rick Perry if he would consider getting back in the race for president, now that charges against him for abuse of power have been dropped.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: Something changed for you yesterday. Charges against you for abuse of power have been dropped. They're gone. Dropped. No merit to them. Now that that's happened, and there's talk of independent runs, an influential blogger came out and tweeted that they would support Governor Perry in a third-party run.

GOV. RICK PERRY: He is a wonderful fellow, but, The fact of the matter is I think this campaign — if there is an odd twist to it, it will be no one gets enough of the delegates to get the nomination and you go to a brokered convention. At that particular point in time it’s a whole new ball game for everyone.

BURNETT: And that could be a new ball game for you?

PERRY: Everyone.

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