Krauthammer: Republicans Need A Successful "Attack" On Trump, "Romney Is On To Something" With Taxes


Charles Krauthammer gives campaign advice to Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, telling the two to stop being on the defense and find an attack line that will work on Trump. Krauthammer told Wednesday's Special Report panel Romney is "on to something" by attacking Trump over his tax returns, accusing him of hiding a "bombshell."

Krauthammer said, however, if Rubio or Cruz or lose their home state then "they have to pull out" of the race.

"He's in a position where unless something changes he is going to run the table," Krauthammer said of Trump.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Obviously, if Cruz and Rubio continue what they're doing, they're going to lose. Simply how it works. If you look what happened in Nevada, Trump won everything. He won every demographic. He won every subcategory in the electorate.

For Rubio and Cruz, I think Cruz has to stop acting defensively. Forget about the liar and the dirty tricks. He got distracted. Ended up on the defense, a waste time. He needs to find an attack line. And I think it might also apply to Rubio.

What possibly would work against Trump? I think a kind of, you want to do a distraction. I think you kind of go after him on the tax returns. I think Romney is on to something. I think it can be deflected. I'm not sure it will be effective. But nothing else that has been tried is going to work. And also, they both have to work on defending their home state. If either loses his home state to Trump, they have to pull out.

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