Krauthammer on Debate: "Roughest Fight Since Ali-Frazier," Trump "Withstood Double Attacks From Both Sides"


Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer gives his first impression of Thursday night's debate.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That was the roughest fight since Ali-Frazier, about 40 years ago.

I was amazed how Rubio decided on a strategy. He's been criticized by some for going easy on Trump. And he's angling to be the running mate for Donald Trump. That is not going to happen. He came into the ring, and within ten seconds, he almost ran across the ring to throw haymakers at Trump....

[Marco Rubio fires all cylinders at Donald Trump]

I think that that was the moment where, and it's hard to know why Rubio waited this long. The attack is all bluster, no substance. Now, let me just add, I don't know if this is going to have any effect on his supporters, because Trump withstood double attacks from both sides.

You have to give him a lot of credit for that. But nonetheless on the substance of it, he was quite befuddled in that exchange.

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