Priebus: Unlike the Democrats, We're Going to Let The Voters Decide Our Nominee


REINCE PRIEBUS, RNC CHAIRMAN: It is a big party. And there are people-- Some of our major donors that I saw standing behind Donald Trump yesterday. So I mean, it is a big party. People are competing. And people are endorsing different candidates.

I saw people going to John Kasich. I saw people going to Marco Rubio. I saw Steve Wynn with Donald Trump. So look, we are going to have a nominee. And our party is going to join in with that nominee to win a general election against a candidate that just yesterday is now seeing that her staff is going to be deposed under oath by the FBI. We're in great shape to win in November. But yeah we have drama. There is some intrigue going on in our party, but there is intrigue going on on the other side too.

ALISON CAMEROTA, CNN: There is a lot of intrigue right now. The Washington Post ran an editorial on Monday, calling you out specifically about your relationship to Donald Trump.

PRIEBUS: Yeah for not rejecting my party's frontrunner.

CNN: Let me read a portion of it, Mr. Priebus. -- "Mr. Priebus has shown that he knows that Mr. Trump is a problem. He condemned Mr. Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the United States. But, also like many top Republicans, the party chairman has nevertheless given Mr. Trump a wide berth to run a flamboyant insult of a campaign... Mr. Priebus and everyone else 'leading' the GOP are Americans before they are Republicans. They should act like it." Has Donald Trump run too toxic of a campaign?

PRIEBUS: That is the stupidest editorial that I've ever seen. that -- that I'm called out for beating up the front runner of the GOP. This is -- it is ridiculous.

CNN: Not condemning some of his more vitriolic statements.

PRIEBUS: Come on. That's not my job. My job is to put forward the fairest process that we can put forward, to not put my hand on the scale, to allow our delegates to make the choices that they want to make and then accept the decision that the delgates make, unlike on the Democratic side where they have superdelegates and could give a darn about what the grassroots are telling the party. That's not how we operate our party on our side.

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