Trump: Cruz Puts Down Bible And Goes Around Lying; "Dishonest" Media "Probably Worse Than Cruz"


At a campaign rally in Sparks, Nevada today ahead of tonight's caucus Donald Trump chided Ted Cruz for using the Bible and then lying when he puts it down.

"So we're shaking things up. A poll just came out in Florida where Trump is leading by a lot, a lot. And I have a feeling Texas is going to be very good also, if you want to know the truth. Because Cruz has gone down a lot in the last few days," Trump said Tuesday.

"You know, when you hold up a Bible, and nobody loves the Bible more than I do, when you hold up a Bible, you don't then put it down and go around lying and doing a lot of things that are wrong," Trump scolded Cruz.

Trump said Cruz has been "getting away" with being a liar but not anymore after he fired communications director Rick Tyler for spreading a false story that Marco Rubio bashed the Bible.

I have to tell you, what he's been doing is terrible, and that he's been getting away with it. But now he hasn't been getting away with it, because yesterday he fired his director of communications who I also thought was a decent guy. He's taking orders from Cruz, folks. I mean, give me a break.

Trump also took a swing at the media for not showing camera shots of his large crowds, calling them "dishonest" and "probably worse than Cruz."

"The press isn't going to show that corner," Trump said of the camera shots. "They are the most dishonest. No, they're really dishonest people. They are disgusting, I tell you. No, they're the most dishonest. They're probably worse than Cruz, but not much."

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