Rollins: "Asset" Trump Energizing Voters Who Haven't Voted; Would Take Clinton & Sanders Apart In General


Republican campaign veteran Ed Rollins calls Trump an "asset" to the party who is "energizing voters who haven't traditionally voted." However, Rollins said, Trump needs to define what he means when he calls himself a "commonsense conservative."

"I think he carries every state right today that Republicans have been traditionally carrying, which is what Romney did," Rollins aid on FOX News this morning. "He probably puts Michigan in play, which we haven't in a long, long time. Certainly Ohio is the key. Again, he's ahead of a very popular governor we see in the polls. My sense is that Donald is a very combative guy, we've watched that over a period of time, and he will take either one of those candidates apart on the other side."

"He's energizing voters who haven't traditionally voted," Rollins said of Trump. "I think that's a very positive thing. I think at the end of the day he's a very valuable asset to this party. I hope he gets more specific about some of the issues."

Rollins predicts a Cruz victory in Texas and says if Trump wins Florida it is over for Rubio and if he wins Ohio the race is over for Kasich.

"If Trump beats Rubio in Florida, he gets the 99 delegates there, it's over for Rubio. If he beats John Kasich in Ohio, if he is still in the race, it is over for him," said Rollins.

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