Chuck Todd: Mitt Romney Could File Late In California Primary If Trump Nomination Is Imminent


TODAY SHOW: With back to back wins, is Donald Trump unstoppable among Republican candidates? Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd maps out possible scenarios that could stop the Trump juggernaut.

One scenario that Todd labeled farfetched includes Mitt Romney making a late entry into the California primary if the Republican field remains divided after the Super Tuesday primaries.

"If Trump is blowing through march and then the panic really sets in, and then it's all a simply denying him a majority of delegates, doing whatever it takes. There is still a filing deadline to make in the California primary. Maybe a Mitt Romney," Chuck Todd said on Tuesday's broadcast of NBC's Today Show.

"This is a scenario someone outlined to me a couple days ago. Mitt Romney would file late, you may get favorite sons and daughters to file late, simply to try to beat Trump, deny him delegates and create another way for a brokered convention. I have to tell you, it's the most farfetched," Todd explained.

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