Trump: "I'm A Better Person Than The People I'm Running Against"


Donald Trump touts the demographics he won in his South Carolina victory at a campaign rally in Atlanta on Sunday. Trump said the "only thing" he does badly with is his personality and he doesn't care because, "I'm a better person than the people I'm running against."

"We won with everything," Trump said about the voter demographics of his South Carolina victory. "We won with women -- I love the women. We won with women. We won with men. I rather win with women, to be honest, but that's alright."

"We won with evangelicals by unbelievable [numbers]. We won with the military. We won with highly educated, pretty-well educated and poorly educated. Fat people, skinny people, short people, tall people," Trump said at the campaign event.

"The only thing I do badly with is my personality. Who cares? You want to know something, I'm a better person than the people I'm running against," Trump declared.

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