Tom Bevan: Super Tuesday Is Setting Up Very Well For Donald Trump


RCP executive editor Tom Bevan gives MSNBC's "Morning Joe" a rundown of the states where Republican primaries will take place by March 1. The Nevada Republican caucus is Tuesday, Feb. 23. Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming will caucus and vote on "Super Tuesday" a week later.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: It's so funny, we hear people everyday talking about Trump's limits, but you start getting out of the first early states and you look to states from Massachusetts to Georgia to Oklahoma, you see Trump in the low to mid-sometimes even the high 40s, with five, six people in the race.

TOM BEVAN: Yeah. Look at the numbers in Florida. I mean you know, Joe, including Jeb and Marco in the race, Trump is at 40% in Florida. So this idea his ceiling is at 35% is a fallacy. The numbers don't reflect that. As this race this shrinks, we'll be able to see that more across the board, if he really -- if his ceiling does bump up into the 40s...

[In Texas]: Last poll there I think was early this month, had Cruz up 5.

So Trump is right on his heels there, and it's not a sure fire win, but again, 155 delegates at stake in Texas and, you know, I would expect that would be Cruz's best haul of the night on [next] Tuesday, on Super Tuesday...

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Let's move on to Nevada. Not so long ago, the National Review was calling it Marco Rubio's "firewall," what's it looking like in Nevada for tomorrow night?

TOM BEVAN: Trump's got a solid lead, not a whole lot of data out of Nevada, certainly not what we have out of other early states. But what we do have shows Trump up double digits again...

Super Tuesday looks like it is setting up very well for Donald Trump... Where are these other candidates going to win? And if they don't, the story on Tuesday night is going to be: Donald Trump wins big. Maybe even sweeps.

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