Sabato: Establishment Republicans Praying For Rubio/Kasich Ticket


Election prognosticator Larry Sabato appeared on Monday's FOX & Friends to discuss his latest column on a possible Rubio/Kasich ticket that is being floated in establishment circles.

"Kasich might bring Ohio to Rubio if they made this coalition," Sabato remarked.

"You're not going to beat Donald Trump with the average tricks in politics, he's too strong. You're going to have to build coalitions," Sabato said.

"Behind the scenes, the more establishment Republicans are praying for a Rubio/Kasich ticket," Sabato said on the FOX News Channel. "You know that. I'm not say it's the best ticket. I don't want to get a million emails from people telling me why they don't like the ticket. That's what they're saying."

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