Kathleen Parker: Cruz, Rubio Need To Help Uneducated Trump Supporters Understand "Who He Really Is"


Conservative Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker offers advice to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio on how to take down Donald Trump. Parker said the two need to "make a clear case" to low-educated Trump voters of "who he really is." Parker added they think "finally somebody is speaking for them but the truth is he is not."

"Trump's ceiling has been edging up all along because it originally was lower than that and it keeps moving because he keeps surprising everyone," Parker observed. "After Nevada, he's got a commanding lead in some states. In Massachusetts it's like 25% more."

"I've come back to this sort of concerted effort to show people who are taken with his emotional appeal to see clearly who he really is," Parker said. "He's done so well with these people with who are high school educated, and I don't mean this in a demeaning way at all, but it's the fact, and the more blue collar workers who really are the heart of America and they think finally somebody is speaking for them but the truth is he is not for them not in his real life and that needs to be highlighted."

"I think Marco Rubio is not interested in attacking Donald Trump because look what happens to everyone who attacks him, but also he wants this to be a two man race. But I'm not he can get there. I'm not sure either Cruz or Marco Rubio is strong enough to bring down Trump alone," Parker said.

However, Parker suggested a double-team strategy Cruz and Rubio could use to "bring down" Trump:

PARKER: It doesn't seem like he can be beaten at this point because he not only has all these poll figures in his favor but he has the momentum. The momentum is not only moving with him but ahead of him because people are still excited to see Donald Trump, if for the show if nothing else. But I think the only way the Republicans can stop him, and there is a slim chance, but they would have to move very quickly and I am not sure the parties would be willing to.

But Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio need to both attack Donald Trump. And the way they do that is not through -- you can't keep saying he's not a conservative because no one really cares about that apparently. They're not driven by ideological arguments; they're driven by their emotional feel that he's on their team which is another joke. What they can do is make a very clear case how Donald Trump has crushed the little man on his way to larger and taller monuments to himself. And that's the case that can be made and should be made in the next few days and certainly before Super Tuesday.

"They have to move fast and it is a case they can make," Parker declared.

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