Donald Trump Unflapped When Lights Go Off At His Rally


"They just told me it was the protester that turned the lights off," Trump told his supporters at a Sunday afternoon rally in Atlanta.

Where other candidats might have stopped and waited for the lights to come back on, Trump's one-man show kept right on trucking despite the loss of the main room lights.

"They didn't pay the electric bill," Trump assumed.

"No! Get those lights off! Off! They're too bright, turn them off!" Trump told the event's staff when they tried to shine a spotlight. "Ready?" he told the crowd.

Together they chanted: "Turn off the lights! Turn off the lights! Turn off the lights!"

"And because the lights didn't work, I won't pay the rent, so we get better lighting, and we don't pay the rent, right?" Trump said to cheers. "That's the way we have to negotiate for our country."

CBS News reports on the incident:

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