Rick Tyler: Cruz Downplaying Expectations, Not Promising Win In Texas Shows "Humility"


MSNBC interviews (now-fired) Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler about why the Republican presidential candidate is downplaying his chance for victory in Texas, the state he represents in the Senate.

UPDATE (3:44pm ET): For more information on why Rick Tyler was fired from the Cruz campaign see this post.

TAMRON HALL, MSNBC: Let's talk about the math here, and going back to Senator Cruz. I'm sure you have heard now, over and over, his reply to Chuck Todd's question whether or not he will win Texas, and he didn't seem very confident. As a fellow Texan, that was a shocker for many reasons, because every Texan has a little swagger in that state, and he's not confident about his own home state. What does that tell you?

RICK TYLER, CRUZ CAMPAIGN: Oh, I heard that, too, and I don't think it was expressing confidence. I think it was expressing humility.

Senator Cruz doesn't run around saying, 'we're going to win, we're going to win everything.' So it's an expectations game. I think we'll do well in all of the March 1st states, because they're southern states.

They share the same values as Senator Cruz. People are getting hammered economically and they're looking for someone who is going to reign in the federal government, cut taxes, get the government off people's backs, create jobs and get back to work. That's what Senator Cruz has been campaigning on. That's what we're fighting for.

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