Trump: "Genius" Pundits Who Say It's a Three Way Tie Without Lower Tier Don't Realize I'd Get Those Votes, Too


Donald Trump reacted to what the "genius" media pundits said about his South Carolina victory while giving his victory address in Spartanburg Saturday night.

"I was watching upstairs. It was really amazing to be watching what I was watching. And some of the pundits, a number of them said, well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out. If you add their scores together, it is going to equal Trump. Right? These geniuses. They're geniuses. They don't understand as people drop out, I'm going to get a lot of those votes also. You don't just add them together. So I think we'll do very, very well. I want to also congratulate the other candidates. In particular I have to say Ted and Marco did a really good job. They did quite well," Trump said.

Full speech:

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