"Morning Joe" Panel on New Photo Of Bernie Sanders Arrest in 1963: "Cheap Shot" To Say He Wasn't Involved In Civil Rights Movement


Following their interview with Jim Clyburn, the "Morning Joe" panel notes the newly released photo from the Chicago Tribune archives, showing a 21-year-old Bernie Sanders being arrested protesting segregation in 1963 Chicago.

"This is not a guy who was sitting around doing nothing during the civil rights movement," says Joe Scarborough about Sanders. "Maybe he wasn't fighting in the deep South, but he was fighting in Chicago."

"You don't see any of his position or policies that don't have decades behind them, backing them up," adds Mika Brzezinski. "Clearly with no convolution."

"I thought that when John Lewis, and some of those civil rights icons... went after Bernie Sanders... saying 'we didn't see him,' I thought that was kind of a cheap shot," notes John Heileman.

"Show them that picture," suggests Mika.

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