Mark Sanford Backs Cruz: "Somebody Has Got To Stop Trump," He Is "Dangerous For Our Republic"


Republican Congressman and former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford explains why he is endorsing Ted Cruz over Donald Trump.

"I thought he had the best shot, as you look at leaving the gate here in South Carolina, somebody has got to stop Trump."

"So this is all about Donald Trump and how important you think it is to stop Donald Trump?" asks Joe Scarborough.

Trump is "dangerous," Sandford says. "I think it is dangerous for our Republic if he walks out of here with a double digit lead. I've got a -- I totally get--"

"That is kind of strong language."

"Yeah. I see it this way. People are frustrated. They're frustrated with the economy, frustrated with the way Washington works for them. But this as the vehicle for those frustrations is I think destructive. I'm worried about it."

"Just seeing this thing break, and being very concerned about a double digit lead in SC I decided to endorse."

"I say dangerous because I think ultimately you cannot play to people's worse fears. when you talk about Bush being a co-conspirator and 9/11, that's crazy talk. When you talk about -- I watched you onset. You brought -- I mean,the question needs to be asked of all of these candidates, on debt, government spendings and he completely rebuffed it."

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